Inspired By The Traditional Costume Of My Greek Island Home, ” Kastellorizo”

Luxe Limited Edition ” Boukla” Candle Inclusions**

  • 1 x 280g Boukla Candle (Scent Of Antiquity) –  With Approx 48 Hrs Burn Time
  • 1 x Luxe Black Gold & Red Foiled Printed Candle Box
  • 1 x Keepsake Gold Embroidered, Deep Red Velvet Boukla Bag with Fur Attachment
  • 1 x Boukla Gift Bag

** Please note, Boukles photographed, are not included.


The Ancient Word Fibula, Meaning Clasp Or Brooch, Was Referred To As A “BOUKLA” On The Greek Island Of Kastellorizo.

A ” Boukla” Is A Timeless Jewellery Piece, Plated In Either Gold Or Silver And Was Traditionally Worn By The Women Of Kastellorizo As Part Of Their Costume.

The Custom Was To Wear A Set Of ” Boukles” , Which Were Used To Fasten The Front Of Their Shirts.

The Females Dressed With Opulence To Display Wealth & Status Through Fabrics, Furs & Jewellery.

Understanding The Box & It’s Elements

The idea has been inspired by a timeless jewellery piece called “Boukla”, traditionally worn by the women of Kastellorizo to fasten their shirts.

The red foiled flowers and the gold stems printed on the box, reflect the embroidered flowers on tapestry’s, shoes and shawls made and worn on the Island.

The gold represents the wealth and opulence of the island, in an era of traders and ship-owners. The gold also symbolises the islands prosperity and its riches at that time.

A deep red velvet bag with gold embroidery of the “BOUKLA” is another element added to the exclusive design. Also hanging on the side of the bag is a piece of fur. This keepsake item, was inspired by the deep red velvet coats which were worn by the women, with it’s elegant fur trim and rich gold embroidery.

Scent – Scent Of Antiquity

A unique blend of Rustic Amber & Lavender, Mixed With Top Notes Of Bergamont & Lemon, Middle Notes Of Clary Sage & Base Notes Of Tonka Bean & Vanilla.


Dedicated To My Grandparents Who All Originated From “The Tiny Rock” – Kastellorizo.

Exclusively Designed

Limited Edition Boukla Candle Designed Exclusively By Mary Peita Yannakis, A Proud Kastellorizian From Sydney.


Hatziyannakis / Koutsoukos


**Black & White Photo With Girl In Traditional Costume(as seen pictured with Boukla Candle) taken From The Book  “An Island In Time” By Nicholas G.Pappas & Nicholas C. Bogiatzis


Weight 3 kg