Beyond The Greek Salad Cookbook By Ruth Bardis


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This book is a follow up from Ruth’s Gourmand Award winning “Best in the world” title – Hellenic Kanella.

Offering over 90 recipes (half of them gluten-free), Ruth has documented recipes that enlarge one’s culinary horizon to what Greeks consume throughout the country and more specifically to each region.

The book has recipes that are simple to prepare, heart healthy with the overabundance of extra-virgin olive oil, herbs, vegetables, seafood, and fruits.

Comprising eight chapters, the book is divided by region, and each region begins with a synopsis of the region’s produce, with its history and prominent recipes to accompany thereafter.

Ruth has captured and photographed Greece in a unique way, making this book a treasure not only to cook from but to have on one’s coffee table.

Journey with Ruth through this intriguing collection of foods and pictures around Greece.